Una delle più grandi opportunità in un mondo globalizzato è avere una strategia di marketing integrata, che dia la giusta importanza al digitale con gli strumenti adatti alla propria azienda.

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Development of web applications

The difference between a site and an application

A website is a simple series of pages in which the contents are presented to visitors, who have no chance to interact.

A web application is instead a real software that allows both the visitor and the company to modify the contents and manage various types of interaction.

Nowadays the difference between these two products is much more nuanced, because even a basic site requires at least the ability to quickly change the contents or submit a contact form.

However, it is still possible to distinguish the case of a company site from an application strongly focused on providing functionality to customers and suppliers, for example through the use of reserved areas.

When do I need a web application?

With the development of a web application we mean the creation of ad-hoc software modules to meet specific needs.

In all other cases, to limit costs and time, we propose the creation of websites enriched by features already present on the market in free or paid forms.

If you want to create an intranet area or provide specific functions to your customers in restricted areas, then the classic WordPress site may no longer be sufficient.

However we are available to evaluate the implementation of simple modules that interface to the CMS already in use by the customer.

We do not realize everything that is asked of us: it is in our and the client’s interest to carefully evaluate what makes sense develop and what not, taking into account the fact that the main cost of the software is not the realization but the maintenance.

Proven technologies

We think we have quite clear what are the technologies that have a future and those that are instead fads.

Our training has included several software engineering courses, in which we have been taught the importance of using proven, supported technologies and with a sufficient user base to ensure longevity. If you put yourself in the hands of us, we will not use you as a guinea pig to experiment with immature technologies.

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