Una delle più grandi opportunità in un mondo globalizzato è avere una strategia di marketing integrata, che dia la giusta importanza al digitale con gli strumenti adatti alla propria azienda.

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Development of WordPress sites

WordPress: our favorite CMS

When other CMSs were still present on the market, our choice, even then, fell on WordPress as the platform of choice for our websites.

It’s true: we do not develop only in WordPress, because it is not always the case, but in at least 9 out of 10 cases we think it is extremely convenient to rely on this CMS so well supported, flexible, full of functionality and expandable. WordPress is currently used on a quarter of all the sites in the world.

If your site is developed in Joomla or Drupal, we encourage you to evaluate a switch to WordPress to appreciate its ease of use.

Is WordPress secure?

WordPress is secure, often safer than ad-hoc sites. The problem is that many agencies have misused it or keep it not updated. Being the most used CMS makes it the favorite for cyber attacks, which is why we have invested a lot in learning prevention and defense techniques. The key to WordPress security remains however the maintenance, which we deal with with a strict schedule.

The strengths of WordPress

  • Best CMS for Customer’s ease of use
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Frequent and fast updates
  • Possibility to change the graphics without redoing the site from scratch
  • Wide availability of additional features
  • CMS free and open source: you will always find someone able to manage it

WordPress is not the only choice

We do not develop exclusively in WordPress. Precisely because we have behind us a background of developers, we do not fear using other technologies more suitable for ad-hoc solutions.

However, we recommend that you evaluate your needs together to provide a complete picture of the benefits and risks.

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